Looks like trouble for Muni. ABC 7 is fishing on Craigslist:

“Got tape? I’ve heard that people have documented problems with Muni on video — rude drivers, sleeping staff, busses with passengers on board that were abandoned. If you have any tape or compelling stories I can document, please e-mail me. Thanks, Dan Noyes at ABC 7 — dan.noyes@abc.com”

Then, in response to the usual Craigslist political forum slams:

“One of the leads we had on this story came from someone who posts on this board. That person said several people with complaints about Muni posted on the board, saying they had documented problems on videotape. Obviously, those people would be good sources for a possible story. We are pursuing the story on many other fronts (we are “doing our job”). These would not be professional videographers who make a living selling video, as you apparently do. They would be an element of the story, something like, “these people were so upset at the treatment they received, that they documented the problems for themselves.” But of course, all this is speculation until I have contact with those people, if they exist. I’m not soliciting work product — I’m trying to contact people who’ve posted on this bulletin board; that’s why I came here. It only makes sense.”

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