Howard Dean, who may well represent the Hail Mary pass the Democrats need right now, on whether he will support the DNC if he fails in his bid for chair: “This is not about the Democratic Party. … I think the Democratic Party is the vehicle by which we can bring America back to a central role of moral leadership in the world.” … (That’s similar to a statement San Francisco Supervisor Chris Daly, an early Dean supporter, made about his Dem Party early last year – it’s a political brand.) … Dean made it clear that his Democracy for America is going to continue regardless, and that he won’t shy away from labor, “the best grassroots organization in this country.” That’s a smart statement, considering labor put a heck of a lot of its money into America Coming Together instead of the DNC last year. …

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  1. I recall that Chris Daly endorsed John Edwards (along with Migden, John Burton, Herb Wesson and others.) Of course, that was after Howard Dean’s Iowa scream — when lots of Dean supporters jumped ship to support Edwards as the “anti-Kerry.” But I don’t know if he ever initially supported Dean.

  2. Daly liked Dean early, but by the time California counted in the primaries, it was all over for the good Dr. and Daly switched to the more progressive of the two Johns. … We’ll see if Art Torres and co. can swing primary reform to make this state count again. …

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