Thinking and writing about the race for Democratic National Committee Chair is difficult, and highly illustrative of the party’s problems coming out of the 2004 election. … Overheard outside Saturday’s candidate forum in Sacramento, one journalist talking to another: “If it was just Howard Dean against some other guy, that might be a story.” That’s the way the mainstream media think, and that, although most Democrats still don’t want to admit it, is how the majority of Americans think. Why does the party that believes that most Americans would mismanage their Social Security funds if given the chance still think an “our ideas are better” approach (a Matt Gonzalez campaign slogan used Saturday by New Democratic Network founder and DNC chair hopeful Simon Rosenberg) is going to cut through Republican messaging? … The only response to “Social Security crisis” is “There is no crisis.” Simply, the majority won’t find the facts, they’ll grab a message. … The people who understand this are supporting Howard Dean or Rosenberg (who lacks star power but has built a strong following among monied liberals, party strategists and left-wing bloggers) for DNC chair. …

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  1. If the DNC folks want to increase the number of Democratic party members who participate in the party activities, the clear choice is Gov. Howard Dean. How short our memories have become …. remember the Sleepless Summer tour in August 2003? Nothing was “orchestrated” as that Migden lady might say about 15,000+ people showing up at a rally in Seattle to hear Howard Dean along with hundreds and thousands at other cities around the country during that weeklong jaunt. Who inspires people to get involved and DO stuff instead of just write checks and sit on their fat butts? Howard Dean is the clear choice for those that can see that growing the party with fresh legs to replace the blue hairs who can no longer canvass neighborhoods is the only way to give the Democratic Party a future.

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