Alex Clemens, host of the online news digest Usual Suspects, principal of Barbary Coast Consulting and poker-playing pal of Supervisor Chris Daly, is advertising with Frank Chu, the ubiquitous “12 Galaxies” preacher who shows up at rallies and news conferences around the Bay Area bearing a sign of indecipherable import. The back of the sign for the next four weeks promotes Clemens’ consulting firm as “Creative Communication for 10 of the 12 Galaxies,” with the tagline “Serving all 12 by 2007, honest.” … Advised “there ought to be a law,” by the reporter, Clemens defended his choice of advertising. … “I’m not doing it to him,” he said. “He’s had advertising for some time.” That’s true, though most of it isn’t quite so clever. … “Every time someone says “I saw your ad on Frank Chu’s sign, he gets a $1 bonus,” Clemens said, noting Chu’s first bonus buck. “He’s got a message to get out, he might as well get out others.” …

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