One of the more interesting things Controller Ed Harrington said in a recent editorial board meeting with The Examiner was that government operates “in some sense to stabilize and create a middle class.” That’s because it’s one of the few remaining places where employees can find decent wages, good health care and guaranteed retirement. …

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  1. re: “that government operates “in some sense to stabilize and create a middle class.”

    For those not in the know, in the above context the terms “Workforce” or “Working Class” may be substituted for “Middle Class.” Each of these terms are widely accepted by militant pro-Natalists such as Margaret Brodkin as permissible deceptions for falsely framing in terms of class efforts to “attract and retain” a large constituency of those who have made “correct” choices of lifestyles and household composition-
    as in Traditional Families with Children

    I admittedly rambled a bit here. The final paragraph is the one worth reading if you’re not down for the full read.

    Are any readers of this site naive enough to believe that Margaret Brodkin is a decent, moral human being? If so, I’d implore you to start paying attention.

    Margaret Brodkin will stop at nothing to achieve her aspirations of gaining demographic -and economical, and cultural, and political- dominance for her favored demographic (Her own.) Her trademark contingent morality has allowed her to –without pause- attack the quality of life of those she would need to displace to achieve her social engineering scheme.

    The first to be targeted? Her Queer neighbors in the Castro. Foreshadowing (albeit with less subtlety) “The Dog Policy” which Brodkin’s team would use two years later to deny tens of thousand of predominately childless San Franciscans of an essential public resource, Coleman went after the Castro community via a Rec-Park sponsored “Renaissance Crusade.” Acting on the orders of Brodkin’s deputy, Marybeth Wallace (a Noe Valley resident) Rec-Park bosses ignored vehement protests of Castro locals, and surround the only green/open space in the central Castro with a chain link fence. The fence still stands, having enforced for 5 years now a mandate which has allowed for 100 hrs a year of family use, versus 8,700 hrs a year of forced disuse. Why the early targeting of Queer folk? It seems that they were an obstacle, thoughtlessly interfering with Coleman’s social engineering aspirations; This is confirmed on page 14 of a 76 page Coleman report of potential strategies to “attract and retain” neighbors who are more to their liking. Seeking a boogie man which would allow them to ignore the bigotry fuelled exodus to the suburbs known as “white flight,” which occurred as our urban areas started to become more ethnically diverse, the Coleman folks found two scapegoats. In addition to the obvious, exorbitant housing costs, Coleman identified the presence of a large Gay and Lesbian population as a likely factor in “driving families from the city.” Well, Margaret sure put those uppity Queers in their proper place! (For the sake of The Children of course.)

    I discovered the darndest thing. In addition to being a world class bigot, Brodkin is a world class hypocrite. The woman need look no further than her family photo album to find the one person who, more than anyone else has contributed to the perceived “child deficit in SF –and beyond. Her cantankerous father, Dr. Roy Hertz was a research scientist of great renown. Medical cures for cancer being his focus, Dr. Hertz is credited with developing the world’s first cure for a solid tumor cancer. However, after his experience in raising his daughter Margaret, Dr. Hertz joined the Population Council and became a central figure in sounding the alarm call on the imbalance of resources and demand which so threaten our planet. He shifted the focus of his medical research to the pursuit of oral contraceptives. Dr. Hertz’s successful creation of two synthetic female hormones laid the groundwork which made possible the collaborative development of the world’s first oral contraception. He is widely credited by his peers as “The Father of the Birth Control Pill.” So it appears that Margaret has our Mayor, and half of our Board of Supes running ragged to aid in her mad battle with a ghost. Ha! Jerks!

    Cheers! Kevin (

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