The Board of Supervisors next week considers a resolution asking the Golden Gate Park Concourse Authority to find an acceptable compromise over concenrs that the widening of Martin Luther King Drive through the park will create hazards for pedestrians and bicyclists. Supervisor Aaron Peskin made it clear the board, with final say on how traffic circulates throught the park, has plenty of say left in the matter it the concourse board doesn’t comply. “It would behoove everybody to work together because the board still have quite a bit of authority that it knows how to use,” Peskin said. … The District 3 rep said there might be better options than the south entrance plan crafted in response to an August legal ruling – a tunnel, a fresh look at the design, or an appeal to for a single entrance. … Supervisor Chris Daly, a vocal opponent of the $50 million park garage since before voters approved it in 1998, said the road widening is his principal concern now. “It appears as if the garage is going to happen,” Daly said. “Let’s just try to mitigate the problems it is going to cause.” …

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