Various officials and interest groups on Schwarzenegger’s first year:

“Here we have a governor who really seems to be a different kind of animal in California politics. We think [the environment] is a nonpartisan issue and he could make a real lasting legacy if he could get Republicans to start voting on environmental bills and not just saying they are bad for a certain business. Is he a green governor? At this point we think he’s more of an olive governor.”

Bill Allayaud, State Director, Sierra Club California

“He’s an individual who seems to be able to work with both Republicans and Democrats. He came to us when the Republicans wouldn’t help him for the ballot measure to borrow money to balance the budget. We helped him on that. Despite his title of being a Republican, he’s not immune to coming across the aisle and working with Democrats.”

Leland Yee, Assembly Speaker pro Tem

“What he did on workers compensation reform was desperately needed because so many small and medium sized businesses were having trouble. Just his start power pushed that through. We feel that politically he’s been a moderate on issues we are concerned about, and he’s been good for job creation. He’s a showman, and I think he’s what most people want. He’s kind of socially moderate and fiscally conservative.”

Lee Blitch, President, San Francisco Chamber of Commerce

“I believe the year of 2005 has to be a bare-knuckle, hardnosed look at incentives for financial stability. The governor borrowed, cancelled revenue, job growth isn’t where it is supposed to be, and we’re economically still in a half state of bedlam. Healthy Families, oak trees, quality education, transportation funding, all of that is important but it is subsumed by the first order of business, which is some serious financial restructuring.”

Carole Migden, State Senator-elect and Chairwoman of the Board of Equalization

“Law enforcement is very happy with his first year record. He’s had to tackle some very difficult issues and he’s been very supportive of our concerns. His leadership in defeating Proposition 66 is obviously the most recent and one of the more dramatic examples. The governor took the lead in support for Proposition 1A for local government revenues – a large portion of that goes to public safety.”

John Lovell, government relations, California Peace Officers Association

“We give the Governor high marks for being willing to meet with and consider the views of teachers and for keeping his word. Those are rare qualities. In the future he will have to face the challenge of finding the additional resources that our schools desperately need.”

Barbara Kerr, President, California Teachers Association

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