Ranked choice voting offers a new twist to representation of endorsements. Clearly if the new voting system stands it will create whole new rewrite of the ethics laws. It’s illegal in The City to falsify an endorsement, and it’s also a legal gray area whether candidates can spend money to endorse each other on literature. Nick Waugh’s use of the mayor’s endorsement in District 5 doesn’t appear illegal, since the mayor apparently never instructed Waugh that he has to notify voters that it’s a second-place ranking. The mayor’s press release noted the No. 2 ranking, but only the Democratic County Central Committee has worked out highly detailed rules for how to deal with second and third rankings (and it looks like only Bill Barnes has broke them so far, albeit early in the campaign). Other endorsing groups have picked three unranked candidates. … Speaking of the DCCC, its slate card fiasco could easily be the subject of an ethics hearing, since candidates paid highly disproportional amounts to get the card out. …

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