Nothing too odd appearing on the late Ethics Commission reports. Wade Randlett’s six IE’s are involved in modest efforts on behalf of D5’s Newsom-endorsed candidates Nick Waugh and Andrew Sullivan, and for Hiles, Kane and Weiner in the School Board race. Yes on A and the tax measures are also getting plenty of last-minute funding, and Steve Braccini dropped a wad of cash on a late push for his own campaign. …

Angry letter from the Hotel Council:


SAN FRANCISCO – The Hotel Council of San Francisco expressed its shock and disappointment today by Mayor Newsom’s words and actions over the last few days in what amounts to an attack on the hotel industry.

“Our trust in Mayor Newsom has been shaken,” said Patricia Breslin, Executive Director of the Hotel Council, citing the Mayor’s decision to join the picket line and to call for a boycott of the 14 SFMEG hotels.

Breslin continued, “Mayor Newsom’s appearance on the picket line was a divisive action that provided no foundation of goodwill for future negotiations. His threat of a boycott of the 14 hotels is damaging to the hotel community as a whole and to the City of San Francisco. His actions against the travel and tourism industry will have a far more reaching effect than his threats to the SFMEG hotels through the negative image he has sent nationally.”

Last fiscal year the hotel tax generated over $148 million in revenue, helping to support city arts programs, low-income housing programs, cultural centers, museums, the Moscone Convention Center, and many vital city services. “With the competition for visitors and conventions fierce, the Mayor has turned against the industry that is the economic engine of this City,” said Breslin. “The role of a mediator is to provide unobstructed negotiation; we feel that his actions over the last few days have jeopardized his ability to be a neutral participant in these labor negotiations. We need a Mayor who promotes our City through positive outreach and maintains an objective involvement in disputes. We need a Mayor who represents the entire City.” The Hotel Council asks: “Whose Mayor are you, Mayor Newsom?”

The Hotel Council of San Francisco represents more than sixty (60) hotels in San Francisco. Some members are also members of the San Francisco Multi-Employer Group, which is currently negotiating with Unite Here Local 2; some members are not involved in the current negotiations, but will be negotiating in the near future; some members are non-union.

Plenty of interesting talk about what kind of landmark the election of Robert Haaland would be. The “first transgender” claim doesn’t hold water. But if you talk to the real LGBT historians on the campaign, that’s never what they’ve claimed. Most if not all of the handful of transgendered people elected to office around the world are not open about their sexuality. And none – at least in the available public record – has been female-to-male. …