Sometimes it really pays off to read through all the neighborhood group e-mails. Courtesy of Matt Gonzalez aide Dave Grenell, here’s the official City Hall D5 agenda for the next few months:

* Panhandle Bathroom

* Haight Street toilet

* Tree planting

* Tree trimming at Turk Street near Filmore, and perhaps more lighting

* CNG station at Golden Gate Park

* Getting the zoo to transfer its two elephans to sanctuary

* Cracking down on abuse of medical pot laws

* Attempting to open up DMV parking lot for night-time parking

* Continuing efforts to get MUNI to use low-emissions biodiesel fuel

* Wave-generation power project at Ocean Beach

* Tidal power project under the Golden Gate bridge, with a demostration project possibly leading to a bond measure

* Prohibition of .50 caliber wapons and ammunition

* Liquor store ban on lower Fillmore

* Domestic partners ordinance to stop rent increases for family member move-ins

* Implementation of ranked choice voting

Possible legislation:

* Independent monitoring for homeless shelters

* Hydrogen technology and fueling station

* Warning labels for fish with high risk of mercury poisoning

* Restricting animal research at UCSF

* Prohibiting elephants at SF Zoo

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