Benjamin Vanderford, the 23-year-old beheading video hoaxer and one-time supervisor candidate is back in the game in San Francisco’s ultra-liberal District 5, making commercial videos for candidates. For Francis Somsel, a moderate Democrat, Vanderford and his cohort in the short beheading film aired as real on Arab TV charged $200 for a 98-second spot filmed mostly at Alamo Square. For Rob Anderson, a codgery candidate who likes to talk smack on hip-hop culture and bike advocates, he produced a video pro bono. But Vanderford said he’s not sure the gruff Anderson, a one-time draft resister, will approve of the commercial: too sentimental. … The FBI in San Francisco said Thursday they thought the U.S. Attorney’s Office had declined to press charges against Vanderford, and inquiries to the USAO are pending. Vandeford said the FBI appeared concerned only that he had no genuine terror ties. … The “vidiot,” as the New York Post termed Vanderford, has a history of producing “conceptual rap” including a foul-mouthed parody of the little-known band Coil. … “Why mock a band with 1,000 fans?” one Web posting asks. … Vanderford’s Web site now boasts of the fake beheading stunt that briefly fooled international media last month. … He declined comment on whether he still has his job as a bank teller. …

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