Rick Bruce is a cop with the soul of a poet. Here are a couple bits of his daily e-mails, which the Bayview Station captain fills with updates about community policing and enforcement:


You Know It’s a Bad Day When …

You take one day off and your secretary phones you that afternoon to tell you that your office has been infested with fleas from the feral cats that live in the station parking lot. When you inquire as to the steps being taken to eradicate the flea infestation, she then informs you that they really can’t deal with the fleas right now, because the plumbers are trying to figure out why raw sewage is backing up in your office’s rest-room.

Lesson learned: don’t take any days off.


Saga of the Cats

As mentioned yesterday, we have a collection of cats which have taken up residence in Bayview Station’s parking lot. Some time ago, the SPCA ensured that the cats were all spayed, but this is apparently flea season and the cats are now supporting a large community of fleas. We spoke with the SPCA who suggested that we buy some “Advantage” and apply it to the cats, and we intend to do this. Many of the officers have taken to the cats and provide them with food and water, which is of course why they choose to remain in our parking lot. If you are good with cats and could assist us with the application of the Advantage, please drop me a line and we’ll enlist you to help out with our flea / cat problem.

Ah, this guy makes you just love the force. …

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