Will she be arrested as well? …


Date: Monday, September 6

Time: 11:00 a.m.

Location: Market Street, between 3rd & 4th Streets

In front of the Four Seasons Hotel, San Francisco


Feldstein Stands For Health Benefits and Decent Wage for Workers

San Francisco, Calif., September 6, 2004 – Lisa Feldstein, Supervisorial candidate for District Five and Labor activist, will rally on Labor Day with UNITE HERE Local 2, which represents 12,000 hospitality workers in San Francisco and San Mateo Counties. Feldstein supports Local 2 workers in their negotiations with the Multi-Employer Group, an organization that represents 14 of the largest downtown Class A hotels, and which have so far refused to guarantee the maintenance of employees’ health benefits.

“We are standing on the front lines of the battle for health care, decent wages and simple basic dignity for all, and I can think of no nobler cause,” said Lisa Feldstein. ” On Labor Day, I honor Labor by joining my brothers and sisters from UNITE HERE Local 2, who are fighting to defend the livelihoods of their families,” added Feldstein.

About Lisa Feldstein: Feldstein, who lives in the Haight/Cole Valley with her husband and their 6-year-old daughter, comes from a union family. As a former city employee, she organized Special Assistants to gain union representation and works for the Professional and Technical Engineers Local 21 AFL-CIO as Policy Analyst. She is proud of her work to improve the lives of City employees and residents through the union. Her work reflects her commitment to improving the lives of City employees and residents through the union, and to social justice. More information about Lisa Feldstein for Supervisor District 5 is available at http://www.lisafeldstein.com

About UNITE HERE Local 2: UNITE HERE Local 2 represents over 12,000 workers in the hospitality industries of San Francisco and San Mateo. In 2004, more than 8,000 workers will struggle to renegotiate contracts in 60 of San Francisco’s premiere hotels. More information is available at

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