Francis Somsel explains the D5 “Mod Squad” – Somsel, Andrew Sullivan and Jim Siegel – as three Mayor Gavin Newsom supporters working in an RCV bloc to win Newsom’s endorsment, and hopefully, election for one of them. It’s a bit of a risky strategy, though, since if none of them makes it to the top three their voters will have cast meaningless ballots. … It’s also problematic that SF SOS is calling just four in the race “Quality of Life” candidates. Where’s Joe Blue or maybe of a few of the candidates we’ve heard nothing from? Gotta be some quality of life in there. And Nick Waugh, a QOL candidate for certain. … Hence the trouble with code words for certain kinds of support. But nice to know SF SOS thinks classic lib Tys Sniffen merits the QOL. … No QOL ladies? …

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