More on District 5: Robert Haaland has the endorsements of a host of elected officials including DA Kamala Harris, Assessor-Recorder Mabel Teng and both local assemblymen, as well as wide support from the LGBT community. … Green activist Susan King has the support of party presidential candidate David Cobb; Lisa Feldstein has significant local support; Democrat Nick Waugh has the endorsement of former presidential candidate Howard Dean; and City Hall aide Bill Barnes is backed by his former boss, Supervisor Chris Daly. … Leading fundraisers include Barnes, with $13,000 as of June 30, Feldstein, also with $13,00, environmentalist Dan Kalb with $11,000, Waugh, also with $11,000, and Haaland with more than $18,000. … Election of just about any of the top candidates would bring more diversity to the board. Ross Mirkarimi is Iranian-American, Haaland is female-to-male transgender, Feldstein is African-American in descent and Barnes is African-American and an openly HIV-positive gay man. …

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