Lisa Feldstein is none too happy about the latest endorsement in District 5. She says Matt Gonzalez told her she’d have his support for a run for his seat. That was before she left the Planning Commission, and before Ross Mirkarimi jumped into the race and before Gonzalez endorsed him. Yep, this is politics: Get it in writing, even from Matt Gonzalez. … Feldstein’s having a press conference today, 11 a.m., in the Fillmore Plaza across from her new campaign headquarters, where she’ll talk about the issues (she’s got a unique perspective – parent of a school-aged daughter – and is one of the top opportunities to shift the gender balance at the board) and about “good ole boy” politics in District 5. … Real estate agent Joe Blue is peeved that people keep taking his signs down in District 5. But preservationist Jim Seigel has apparently filed a police report against Blue, accusing his supporters of doing just the same to Seigel and Feldstein signs. … Eric Jaye, Mayor Gavin Newsom’s political consultant, said the mayor is undecided on whether to endorse the race. He’s worked with Andrew Sullivan of Rescue Muni, and has other friends in the race. But Jaye praised a new tone in the race – where folks can be political opponents without being enemies. And that’s what you get in an ultra-liberal district where the mayor’s got something like a 70 percent approval rating. …

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