Local Greens are splintering over last months national convention, where most of the San Francisco delegates, including longtime party activist and District 5 Supervisor candidate Susan King, voted to give the David Cobb/Pat LaMarch ticket the party nomination, thereby helping to kill an effort to endorse both Cobb/LaMarch and the independent Ralph Nader/Peter Camejo ticket. The dual endorsement would have given state parties a chance to pick which ticket to put on the party’s ballot line, and Camejo, former California gubernatorial candidate, had the votes locked up until a chunk of his delegates shifted. …

Global Exchange’s Medea Benjamin helped lead the charge for Cobb, who promised not to challenge Democrat John Kerry in swing states. Matt Gonzalez, New Paltz Mayor Jason West and Donna Warren, the party’s former lt. governor candidate, were on the Nader side of the equation. … “We think the only way Democrats are going to give us runoffs is if they feel pressure in swing states where Greens can put on the pressure,” said S.F. Green Jim Dorenkott, who volunteers in Gonzalez’s office, arguing that in swing states with Democratic control that party could change laws to allow greater ballot access. “They are going to let people vote their conscience in swing states, which is a de facto vote for Kerry, without getting anything in exchange,” Dorenkott said. …

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