The Board of Supervisor’s legislative analyst makes these projection about Mayor Gavin Newsom’s proposed tax package for the November ballot, which would keep San Francisco at first place in cost of business taxes in the region, and propel it to a tie with Alameda County and Avalon for the highest sales tax in the state: “the sales tax will cost the average San Francisco household $34 per year, may induce a small number of consumers to make large purchases out of county, and could lead to proportional increases in prices in those few highly competitive industries currently competing at the margin.” Also, “a gross receipts tax of 0.1 percent … may contribute to the perception that San Francisco is not ‘business friendly,’ and [on the plus side] will provide the City with data to assess business activity and alternate business tax structures.” …

SFSOS encourages citizen participation through blast “action alert” faxes to local legislators – up to 90 in a go. Several supervisors’ aides have called to complain about the fax activism, said SFSOS’ Bruce Cuthbertson. “We feel like we’re enabling democracy by allowing people to get in touch with their supervisor in this way,” he said.

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