Sliding it in under the “100 Days” mark, Mayor Newsom held the first “SFStat” meeting last Wednesday:

“San Francisco, CA – Mayor Gavin Newsom and seven department heads held the first SFStat meeting today in City Hall. SFStat, a performance management process and technology initiative, is based on the Baltimore’s Citistat program first by Mayor Martin O’Malley. Baltimore’s Citistat was based on the technology tools and processes of Compstat – the crime mapping model first implemented in New York City – and has become a proven system of management and accountability that reduces waste and improves efficiencies in government services.

The first SFStat meeting laid the groundwork for San Francisco’s ambitious replication of the Baltimore model. During the SFStat meeting, Mayor Newsom and a panel of city leaders reviewed department human resources, budget and customer service data, and quizzed department heads about the metrics and methods the department will report going forward.

“San Franciscans deserve a city government that is effective, cost-efficient, and responsive to their needs,” said Mayor Newsom. “SFStat will transform the way city government does business by implementing an innovative and highly successful performance management strategy. I am committed to managing city agencies to achieve excellence and results,” concluded Mayor Newsom.

Regular SFStat meetings will initially be held monthly, allowing Mayor Newsom and his department heads to evaluate departmental performance on a timely basis. The departments participating in the first meeting included Animal Care and Control, Emergency Communications Department, Fire Department, Parking and Traffic, Police Department, Public Works, and the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services.”

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