And the shuffle continues: Retired Judge Lilian Sing may be persuaded to stay out of the District 1 race and mount a bid for Carole Migden’s seat on the Board of Equalization. Carole’s a sure bet for John Burton’s Senate spot after keeping the BOE chair warm on her way out of the Assembly. Ah, term limits. The head spins.

He’s in, he’s out: Matt Juhl-Darlington will stay the course for a College Board candidacy rather than jump for Matt’s seat. … In other D5 developments, Benjamin Vanderford, 22, has declared his candidacy, pledging to run a moneyless campaign. That’s a decision that puts him squarely in the bottom tier in this tough race.

(c) SFPUC GM Pat Martel: “In recent discussions, Mayor Newsom and I have agreed that as part of his new administration it is important for him to establish his own team at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. Therefore, within the next few months I will be moving on to pursue other professional opportunities.” Steve Kawa, the mayor’s chief of staff, in conversations Friday told Martel and Rec and Parks chief Elizabeth Goldstein they should be looking for work. They will keep their posts during a transition to new leadership.

Fiona Ma and retired Judge Lilian Sing sat down in January, when both wanted to run for Leland Yee’s State Assembly seat. They agreed to go ahead and see what support they could muster, Ma said Sunday. … That was then. … Last week, Sing told the Chinese press she’s considering a supervisor run. She’s got a house in District 1, home of Supervisor Jake McGoldrick.