Rev. Al Sharpton is denouncing Howard Dean over whether the Democratic candidates should unite behind the enventual presidential nominee. The remarks come in response to an AP article where Dean said some of his followers may not go with the party choice if he doesn’t make the cut. “I would never ask anyone to blindly support the Democratic Nominee without ensuring that the policies of the Party in 2004 are fair and inclusive to all its members, it is for this reason that Sharpton 2004 will continue to work overtime with Democratic leaders heading into the Convention,” Sharpton said in a press release. “But to threaten to withdraw support unless you are the one nominated six months prior to the Convention is arrogant and divisive-and frankly is one of the reasons so many are questioning Dean’s ability to unite the Party should he win the nomination. Whether we support the Democratic Party and the eventual Democratic Nominee should be based upon the platform and the policies of the Party- not personalities.” Dean may have trouble uniting the party, but questioning its leadership is a good strategy for a large share of the electorate, as we saw here with the mayoral campaign of Supervisor Matt Gonzalez, a Green Party member who gained about half of San Francisco’s Democratic votes in December.

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